1940’s Style Inspiration | Artfully Knitted

Winter is finally here so I thought it would be fitting to talk about knitting. 

Every year I pick up my knitting needles and try to knit with the best of intentions.  I have baskets of wool, needles in every size and patterns galore but never seem to finish yet alone start many projects. Such a shame, knitting is a favourite winter pastime for so many people and a yearly pastime to many more!

Whenever I knit, I feel like I’m taking part of a pastime dating back countless generations before me. Although knitting has been traditionally a feminine pastime there has been many periods within our past that men have embraced knitting due to enjoyment or need.

In 1940’s Britain hand knitting reached an all-time high as women on the home front made their war effort contribution by knitting for the troops and for their families.

Recently I was browsing the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) website and came across their amazing page for knitting enthusiasts. On this site, you can study knitting history from their vast collection and download instructions to complete your own knitting projects from original 1940’s patterns!

Looking at V&A’s patterns I fell in love with their knitted turban so this winter I will search through my wool stash and start a new project – fingers crossed it will be finished before winter ends…. or at least before next winter!

Have you attempted an original 1940’s knitting pattern? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Images above: Victoria & Albert Museum, circa 1940’s

Link: http://www.vam.ac.uk