Car Show Etiquette

Chromefest is here again! Yay! If your anything like us, your probably drawn to the beautiful classic cars from the golden age or perhaps hot rods are more your style? Whatever your preference it’s fun meeting new people while looking around and of course getting photos with cars. 

A few things I’ve noticed at events is the importance of car show etiquette. There are ‘rules’ that some people are not aware of so I thought I would share a couple of important points with you.

Don’t Touch!

Whether walking near a car or posing with a car it’s important not to touch, lean or sit on the car without first getting permission of the owner.

Pinups Take Care

When planning to attend a car show consider what you are going to wear if you plan to pose with a car.  Anything that could scratch a car such as watches, rings, zips on dresses, belts, bracelets or bags should be avoided or put aside for the photo if you think it could cause damage.

Kids Hands Off

If you have children it’s good to teach them it’s not okay to climb or hang off cars (refer to point 1).  Vintage cars can be fragile and the last thing anyone wants is something being damaged.

Love a Pinup?

Yes, the pinups look amazing as do other festival goers but before taking a photo of someone always ensure it’s okay to do so.  Most pinups / people are more than happy to pose for photos!


Take your rubbish with you, there is sure to be a bin close by.  Let’s all do our part to keep our events fabulous so it’s enjoyable for everyone.  If that’s not enough of a reason just think of your photo’s…who wants a messy background to an otherwise perfect pic?

To sum it up, vintage events and car shows are about having fun.  Pinups love posing for photos and drivers want to show off their cars.  Generally, people are happy to talk to you about their interest or let you take photos with them but it’s important to talk to them first and have their permission to do so.

Now off to the car show with you!!

Chromefest, The Entrance NSW
Friday 27 October to Sunday 29 October 2017