How To Wear Capri Trousers

Crop Trousers, Capri’s, Peddle Pushers….whatever you call them, it’s one of our favourite retro-inspired looks but how do you wear them??

Finding the right style of cropped trouser can be difficult, especially if you’re petite. Some crop trousers look better than others depending on your body type and you can run the risk of looking like you’re just wearing short trousers rather than capris!

This wardrobe staple makes it easy to channel your favourite 50’s pin-up. Let’s look at some of the best ways to style them.

Where should Capri’s end?

Capri’s should end between your calf and your ankle, drawing attention to the most flattering part of the leg. Make sure they don’t sit mid-calf as this will draw attention to the thickest part of the calf. As a general rule of thumb, longer cropped pants should fall no less than two fingers from the ankle. Any longer and you’re wearing trousers.

If you’re petite…

If you’re petite, go for a slim leg. There is always a risk when selecting carpi trousers if you’re short that they will make you look ‘stubby’. By going for a tapered leg or a slim-fit, you create a streamlined look that’s flattering to the petite frame. .

How to wear Capri’s

Wanting to recreate that classic 50’s pin-up look? Choose a high-waisted Capri-pant style that will make your legs look longer. The pant cinches in your waistline and creates a flattering silhouette when paired with a tucked in t-shirt. Make sure your pants are comfortable if you’re going for a high-waisted option.

What shoes?

When you’re wearing Capri’s, you want to draw attention down to your footwear. Heels instantly give your look that classic 50’s vibe, whether you go for a glam pointed toe or wedges. If you are wearing flats, go bold with a print or a classic black.

How do you wear yours?

Here’s some capri inspiration….