How To Wear Petticoats

This week we’re talking all things petticoats! If you’re not sure how to wear a petticoat, what they do or even what they are, then keep on reading to find out more…

What Is A Petticoat?
A petticoat is a light underskirt designed to be worn under dresses and skirts to enhance an outfit.

How To Wear Petticoats
Simply pop the petticoat on before the dress, placing the top at your natural waist (just under your bra) then once the dress is on make sure the skirt is nearly fanned out over the petticoat. It’s as easy as that!

What Do They Do?
Simply put petticoats give the appearance of a much fuller skirt. Whilst 50’s dresses can, of course, be worn on their own a petticoat gives that little bit of vavavoom that we just love here at Wild Lace.

If you’re still not sure whether petticoats are for you we’ve cleared up a few petticoat myths…

Myth: Petticoats make people look bigger than they are
Truth: Petticoats actually give the appearance of a smaller waist so whatever your size a petticoat will just accentuate the gorgeous figure you already have!

Myth: Petticoats are uncomfortable to wear!
Truth: Our Lindy Bop petticoats have a very stretchy elastic waistband to make it very comfortable to wear.

Myth: It’s too difficult to find a petticoat colour to match my dress Truth: Petticoats are available in a range of different colours, however who says they have to match? Why not pair a bright pink petticoat under a black dress for a pop of colour!

Myth: It is hard to determine what size is needed Truth: Petticoats are available in different lengths to suit different ladies heights and outfit lengths. Just make sure you measure the dress(es) you want to wear it with and determine how you want it to sit first to get that perfect fit.

Myth: Petticoats are scratchy
Truth: Yes, if you have previously worn a cheap petticoat purchased from ebay you may have found it scratchy however, a quality petticoat won’t let you down. Our Lindy Bop petticoats have a lining which will protect your pins from scratchiness. I have been wearing Lindy Bop petticoats for years and have never had a problem.

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