Lindy Charm School: Vintage Styling Workshop

Recently I attended a vintage styling workshop with the Lindy Charm School. Truth be told, I haven’t attended many makeup or hair workshops in the past and I had been wanting to attend a class with Miss Chrissy’s for years. It seemed like a fun opportunity to spend an afternoon with some other vintage loving ladies and further my knowledge and skills.  I was not disappointed.

Unfortunately, I was running a little late (as I’m prone to do!) to find the class had began with Miss Chrissy wearing a stunning red 1940’s vintage dress and her assistant Sharon in a fun vintage style black dress with Asian pattern. The ladies in my class had just finished the The Lindy Charm School oath. ‘I do solemnly swear to always wear red lipstick…’ from there it was all action.

Miss Chrissy and Sharon offered us directions and guidance as we perched at tables with makeup mirrors, bobby pins and lipstick, wrangling untidy locks and uneven eyeliner. We covered easy vintage & pin up stylings, up do’s, pin-curls, victory rolls, hot sets, brush out, pinning, vintage make up techniques and quick out the door looks. With beauty advice came a knowledge of vintage style and history. These ladies clearly live the vintage lifestyle and are passionate advocates. 

There were plenty of retail opportunities to purchase some of The Lindy Charm School’s fabulous products but it wasn’t at all hard sell with home alternatives commonly used in the 1940’s mentioned eg. beetroot juice, baby oil, sugar water, dolly pegs and other household beauty tools to create at iconic look.

At the end of the day after a quick group picture we all left beautifully made up and quiffed to suit our personalities with a smile and straighter posture. 

Although I will be working on my victory rolls and cats-eye for a while to come this workshop gave me the missing pieces in the puzzle to perfect these looks.  These classes are designed with beginner / intermediate knowledge but I think ladies of most skills would get something out of a class and would recommend attending should you have the chance. 

Group photo (I’m middle back, 5th from the Left)
Miss Chrissy and Sharon with niece Ziggi

Images: Lindy Charm School (Facebook)