Luxury to Leisure Parade

Today was the ultimate girl’s day out for history of fashion lovers!

My friend Laura and I attended an event at Parramatta Old Government House by the Cavalcade of History and Fashion – Luxury To Leisure Parade.

The parade was held in a huge permanent marque at the rear of the property featuring a large runway down the centre providing the centre stage.  Guests were seated around for a good view.  Models, consisting of Friends of the Cavalcade of History and Fashion wore original clothing and accessories and strutted the catwalk providing an exciting look at how we relaxed and what we wore.  Here’s some highlights

  • From after school activities and the subtle art of impressing your friends at afternoon tea in 1890s
  • What we wore for a Ball to celebrate Australia’s Federation
  • How we travelled (attractively) whilst in Edwardian times
  • Shopping in the 1920s
  • A Day at the Races and look at exercise fads in the 1930s and 40s
  • How the backyard swimming pool changed the way we entertained in the 1950s
  • The epitome of elegance, The Debutante Ball circa 1960.

The parade finished with refreshments for afternoon tea while we relaxed in the sun on the Government House grounds. 

I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to attend this parade you take the opportunity.  A lovely day out.