Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition

The Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Exhibition is once again on display at Old Government House for Season 3 of the TV series. 

This is the second Miss Fisher Exhibition I have attended (my review of Season 1 & 2 ) and it didn’t disappoint. Knowing how long it takes to sew or make anything from scratch (it takes hours of painstaking work) it is a shame the decadent frocks and other creations that grace our screens can sometimes only be a quick glimpse. Now we can see some of the outfits in their full glory along with a selection of glittery accessories and custom-made hats.

This exhibition features 50+ costumes and this time around, visitors could also try on replica costumes and solve a crime by looking for special clues which was very popular with kids and fans alike! 

I could go on and on about the different costumes, describing each one in detail but I won’t, because that would take reams of writing. Suffice to say the costume designs where marvellous, the styling fantastic but it was the fabrics and the construction that really made my vintage seamstress heart squeal! 

One of the great features of this exhibit was how the outfits were displayed.  Some were on rotating mannequins providing a 360° view, others had mirrors placed strategically behind them so you could see the outfits from both sides. These techniques allowed you to see the outfit from all angles.

Another fabulous feature (and something I think should be included in all exhibits going forward) was that they had fabric swatches paired with the descriptions of each outfit, so although you couldn’t handle the costumes themselves you could at least get a closer idea of how the clothing would have worn by feeling the swatch.

And let me tell you, there were really some divine fabrics.  Real Silk Chiffon (not the cheap polyester chiffon), silk velvet (I need this fabric in my life!) with so many more.

It’s not all fabric and clothing though the accessories are divine as well.  a pair of Bakelite sunglasses circa 1930, an original 1920s tabard with gelatine sequins and of course the hats, stockings & shoes.  Oh my!!

A lot of the outfits were classic in shape and fabrics and could easily be worn in any era. I would love to wear many of the outfits today. 

The exhibition runs from Tuesday, March 15 to Sunday, June 19 2016

Details: National Trust: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries  

Images: Christie Barker