Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Exhibition

The Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Exhibition is currently on display at Old Government House in Parramatta Park.  

What is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries some of my readers may ask? This Australian TV show is based on the ‘Phryne Fisher Historical Mysteries’ by Australian author Kerry Greenwood. The main character, the Honourable Phryne Fisher, is a sassy aristocratic flapper and private detective in 1920s Melbourne. With the assistance of her maid Dot and Bert and Cec (who are wharfies & taxi drivers), and much to the dismay of Inspector Detective Jack Robinson, she helps to solve all manner of crimes. It’s a great twist on the age old ‘who dunnit’ murder mystery, and certainly gives some of its stuffy British cousins a run for their money.

The exhibition is hosted by the National Trust in conjunction with Every Cloud Productions, and costumes from both the first and second series are on display.

The National Trust has done a great job at setting up the exhibition – its layout giving you a chance to not only see the 40+ costumes but to explore one of the oldest buildings in Australia, Old Government House with outfits for every occasion, with matching jewellery, shoes and hats spread over a few rooms that each told a part of the Miss Fisher story.

Although I loved the entire exhibit, the highlight for me was the high quality of materials and embroidery used in the garments and the whole room full of hats from the series! Trust me, its the 1920s so there a lot of hats!

On leaving I couldn’t resist purchasing some merchandise along with the costume catalogue which is beautifully presented. Even if you’re not a fan of the series or have never seen it, anyone with a love for 1920s fashion should definitely check this exhibition out. 

The exhibition closes June 2014.  

Details: nationaltrust.org.au/nsw/mfmm

Images: Christie Barker