Swinging Sixties: A Cavalcade of History & Fashion Presentation

Today I attended the latest presentation by the Cavalcade of History & Fashion*, The Swinging 60’s!  Held at Lewers Gallery and followed by a lovely afternoon tea provided by Cafe Lewers.  There were plenty of fashionista’s enjoying the day.

To give you a little run down…the 60s was an era of prosperity and rebellion for young people, who developed a new and very different interest in fashion, music and nightclubs. Fashion became fun, and for one of the first times it was designed by the young for the young and broke away from the exclusivity of haute couture.

The Cavalcade’s Presentation on the Swinging 60s featured a selection of gowns from the era – miniskirts, cocktail dresses, the little black dress, paper dresses, beachwear, underwear and nightwear.  

You would be forgiven in thinking this is just another fashion talk, the Cavalcade work hard to find out the history of each garment, fascinating stories of the time and the women who wore these gowns.  Providing you with a complete picture of the period – a living museum!

The presentation and commentary answered some of those burning questions such as how short the skirts really were, accessory etiquette and paper dresses (yep they existed!).

If you have an interest in the history of fashion, would like to look closer at pieces from the collection or just want a different day out take a look at upcoming events.  

Images: Christie Barker

* The Cavalcade of History and Fashion is a volunteer not-for-profit organisation with a collection of original historic gowns and accessories with provenance, dating from the 1700s preserving Australia’s social and fashion history.  The group share this history with community at historical, educational and charitable events and exhibitions throughout Australia.  For more information or to get involved http://www.thecavalcade.org/