This Dress Was Made For Dreaming

I feel so silly sharing this… but a dress taught me a really important lesson recently that is perfect timing for the new year.

A few months back I received an email from one of my favourite brands, Leona Edmiston, informing me of the big sale that was happening on their website. An extra 30% off of already reduced sale prices. You can imagine how fast my mouse zipped its way over to click on the ‘shop now’ button.

While rummaging through page after page of glorious prints, ruffles and seemingly still-overpriced tiny pieces of beautifully printed fabric they called dresses, I came across something that made my heart pitter-patter faster….and it was in my size…Belinda.

How much, how much?  It was on sale from $445.00 to an amazing $50.00 + shipping!

I couldn’t let this go. I ordered right then and immediately jumped around the lounge room with glee. (Yes, fantastically priced clothes & shoes really do make me leap with joy).

It arrived a week later and I couldn’t wait to see it.  I carefully opened through the lovely packaging to behold greatness!  It fit perfectly and looks fabulous with a wide red belt to add a little structure to create a silhoutte.  It was a dream.

Fast forward to over 2 months later… it sat in my closet, out of the original packaging, collecting dust and adding colour to my closet. I had never worn it. I couldn’t! It was just to beautiful to see the nasties of the world. What if I sat in gum? What if it got dirty? What if my son touched me with sticky hands?  It was too nice to serve its purpose and the whole reason I ordered it: to wear.

This dress was worth so much to me. I hadn’t paid nearly what it originally cost and yet I treated it like it were made of gold, afraid of the lovely fabric getting a pull or worse a hole!

Last week I saw this dress sitting in my closet and wondered how long would it take to wear it or if I had a special occasion coming up.  I wanted to scream at myself! What good was a dress doing sitting in my closet and not on me? I knew I was being ridiculous, so I popped on the dress and stepped out into the world.  Do you know what happened? Nothing except lovely comments I received from other people stopping me to compliment my outfit.  Nothing else.

I realized, this is how I, and many other people I’m sure, act about our dreams. We sit them on a shelf in the back of our mind to dress it up.  They add colour to our world and we tell only our closest family and friends about them. We keep them locked away because we are scared to take the leap of faith that’s needed to really grow our minds and our hearts.

How much happier would you be if you really ‘went for it’ for that promotion? Or if you quit your desk job to open up that cupcake shop you always dreamed of? Just thinking about it makes your heart do backflips, right? That’s your dream! And until you go for it, you’re foolishly letting it wither away, collecting dust and drifting further out of your mind, becoming buried by clean but yet-to-be-hung-up piles. There are so many excuses, I can’t. I have a family that needs me to stay with this secure 9-5pm. I’m too old. I’m too young. I’m too this or that or whatever.

Just DO something! But what if I sit in gum?  

The truth is, we can come up with endless excuses of why our dreams will remain in their original packaging, or we can take the risk to be happier than we ever dreamed. What if none of those things happen, and you end up walking into the best thing that could ever happen to you… your purpose. Your beautiful colourful heavenly dress purpose.

The first step is always the scariest, but you know what’s scarier? Not really living the life you were always destined to.

So.  What’s next?  Put on your dreams, button it up, and walk out into the big world with all of the confidence you can.  Compliments and admiration are sure to follow and if it doesn’t well at least you tried and would have learnt from the experience.  At least try, because this dress is made for dancing around in joy at the success of your very own dream.

​Image: Leona Edmiston