What’s Your Definition?

What does the word ‘Vintage’ really mean? If you look in a dictionary, you will find that vintage is about clothes or accessories from another era brought up to date.  I don’t totally agree with this.

Vintage plays an important part of my life.  I wear original and reproduction pieces that I love, I watch classic films, listen to ‘old’ music (according to some friends) and I prefer to dress most days in a 50’s swing skirt with red lippy and a quirky retro brooch to add interest.

While I do receive compliments, many people stare at me strangely and tend to think I’m attending a party or just plain overdressed, which in all honesty I guess I am compared to the ladies surrounding me generally in jeans or fitness gear.  The truth is I’m very comfortable in vintage and have for many years embraced it in some form (even in a corporate setting I found comfort and confidence in wiggle dresses and brooches before this became more mainstream). 

From a modern perspective, vintage dressing reflects a time when women appeared glamorous, classy, sexy and self-confident.  To me, vintage is not only about clothes or shoes, it is a mindset.  What woman doesn’t dream of being a symbol of beauty and charm? Vintage can help you to find who you really are and what kind of woman you want to be. 

I will finish with a Norma Jean quotation “we are all of us stars and we deserve to twinkle”.  That’s what vintage is all about!