What’s Your Style Tribe?

Vintage has entered your life and you’re happier than ever but you soon discover that there are subgroups – pinup girls, forties devotees and rockabilly queens to just name a few.  To make things more confusing some of the fashions you love cross over between the groups.  So where do you fit in?

Generally, the vintage world is friendly and welcoming regardless of your fashion choices.  The passion and excitement found amongst clothing rails at vintage events is contagious (there is always a treasure to be found!).  Regardless, some purists can take things seriously ie your not a ‘real’ (insert subgroup) because you deviate dressing to a particular way aka an unspoken uniform.  It’s as if a memo has been sent to everyone but you. (I feel this most days, while the other mums are in jeans / black / fitness gear, I contrast in a colourful 50’s dress).

The newer you are to the scene the more likely you will want to conform to fit in but there is a reason vintage fashion is considered alternative.  We don’t follow what is deemed fashionable on the high street each season – we forge our own path and don’t subscribe to the notion of uniformity.

We are a diverse group.  Whether your interest be burlesque, flapper, lindy hop, kustom culture, originals, reproduction or a combination, we each have our own view of what vintage is and what looks good.  Regardless of this we are a group of individuals with a shared passion.  So instead of putting up walls with uniforms, rules and groups lets be inclusive of all lovers of vintage. 

There’s enough room for all of us!